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Experience Inner Peace:
A Healing Journey Into Yourself Through Mindfulness...

I help you heal from past experiences, break limiting beliefs and
ignite the connection with your authentic self
through the power
of present-moment awareness (NOW). This empowers you to 
embrace the journey of life in an easy and meaningful way.

"Just for today, I will find joy in even the smallest of life’s gifts. Just for today, I will feel at peace" – Dr. Mikao Usui

My Story...

I’m Purvi Rathod, NLP master practitioner and the founder of Inner Alignment Hub. 

Coming from a lower-middle-class background, I had all the limiting beliefs and wrong conditioning from childhood. What could be more frustrating than having a speaking problem. I used to stutter and tried to hide my stuttering by speaking less and less. Despite clearing CA exams on the first attempt, I was ashamed of myself for not having a good job. I felt like I am in a cage and breaking free from it seemed impossible. 

But the intense desire to break-free from the cage led me to discover amazing books and engage in numerous personal development courses. Over the last 10 years, I learnt and practiced various tools like mindfulness, NLP, subconscious mind reprogramming, enabling me to re-connect with my authentic true self. As a result my life underwent a complete 360 degree transformation. 

I believe that even seemingly intense negative situation have blessings in disguise. The experience of overcoming all the past setbacks has become blessings and inspired me to create a community ‘Inner Alignment Hub‘. I am on a mission to help you break free from the cage created by your own conditioned mind and ignite the deeper connection with your authentic self through the power of presence. Together we can definitely create a more mindful world where peace and compassion prevail. 

Purvi Rathod

Change starts with the FIRST STEP

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Inner Alignment Formula

Mindfulness, healing and mindset transformation has given me a new lens to look at life and respond to/deal with the situations in a more effective way. It has empowered me to overcome my speaking issue, improve my self-worth and truly tap into the power of who I truly am. I would like to share this gold-mine of knowledge to you through this course – ‘Inner Alignment Formula’


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