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Discover Your Speaking Self

I help you become a confident speaker by working on the root cause of stammering, so that you can communicate effectively and THRIVE – Personally and professionally.

"Don't let stammering stop you from achieving your dreams"

Hi, I'm Purvi Rathod.
I have cured my stammering and can help you cure yours

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and mind trainer by passion. I’m also an NLP master practitioner and the founder of Dissolve Stammering Center. Being an ex-stammerer, I know the frustration of not being able to speak freely. After doing an extensive research and experiment on myself, I finally found the techniques to cure stammering. 

I have wasted precious years of my life in quietness, I don’t want you to keep quiet, I want you to enjoy the freedom of speaking anywhere, anytime from your heart without any hesitation. That is the reason I am here to support you. 

Purvi Rathod

Here's How I Can Help:


Dissolve Stammering Workshop

I believe speaking is the greatest gift given by god to all the human beings, you should not devalue this gift by keeping quiet all the time. You should speak for yourself and enjoy the freedom of speaking in all the situation. That is why I have created this workshop to help you speak effectively.


Change starts with the FIRST STEP

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Features Of The Workshop

Conducted By An Ex-stammerer - Purvi

Workshop is conducted by Purvi herself, who used to stammer earlier. No one can understand the situation of PWS better than the ex-stammerer herself.

Combination Of Physical As Well As Psychological (Mindset) Aspect

Stammering is a pure psychological disorder. Hence this workshop is designed based on combination of physical as well as psychological aspect of speech.

Working on the root cause of stammering

After immense research, she finally found the actual root cause of stammering which is holding you back from speaking.

Personality Development

Besides stammering cure, it will significantly improve the personality, boost confidence and eradicate the fear of speaking.

Easy To Apply Techniques In Practical Life

After an extensive research, she found the proven techniques which can be easily followed in real life.

Online Training

Workshop is conducted online, hence you can attend the same from the comfort of your home.

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