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My Journey

Hi, I am an NLP master practitioner, certified mindfulness coach and founder of ‘Dissolve Stammering Center’. Additionally I am also a Chartered Accountant (CA). 

I faced various undesirable situations in my life due to my own limiting beliefs patterns, past experiences and childhood conditioning. I was not living my life but merely surviving, trying to keep my head above the water in the journey called life. Outwardly, I appeared happy, but internally life felt burdened with the constant stress, anxiety and worry about other’s judgment and my stammering. 

In spite of taking speech therapy twice, my stammering got relapsed in just couple of months. After doing lot of research, I noticed that, speech therapy completely focuses on the physical aspect of the speech but in my research I found that stammering is pure psychological issue. It took me years to recognize the root cause of stammering and after attending lot of workshop on mindset and subconscious mind I recognised few techniques which worked best. 

I believe that speaking is the greatest gift given by universe and we should enjoy this gift instead of spending whole life in quietness. I have created this workshop to share these techniques with you, help you work on the root cause of stammering so that you become a confident speaker and discover your speaking self. 

I have wasted precious years of my life in quietness, I don’t want you to keep quiet, I want you to enjoy the freedom of speaking anywhere anytime from your heart without any hesitation. Let’s eradicate this bad habit from the root cause. 


My Mission

I am on a mission to help at-least 100,000 people who stammer to work on the root cause of stammering and get the freedom of speaking anytime, anywhere. 

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