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My Journey

Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and mind trainer by passion. I am an NLP practitioner and the founder of Dissolve Stammering Center. 

In spite of taking speech therapy twice, my stammering got relapsed in just couple of months. After doing lot of research, I noticed that, speech therapy completely focuses on the physical aspect of speech, however stammering is pure psychological issue. After an extensive research, experiment and trial error on myself, I found few techniques that worked very well. By using these techniques i.e. combination of physical and psychological aspect of speech, I eradicated my stammering from the root cause and found permanent solution. 

I Believe speaking is the greatest gift given by god and we should enjoy this gift instead of spending whole life is quietness. I have created this workshop to share these techniques with you, help you overcome the stammering habit and get the freedom of speaking. 

I have wasted precious years of my life in quietness, I don’t want you to keep quiet, I want you to enjoy the freedom of speaking anywhere, anytime from your heart without any hesitation. Let’s eradicate this bad habit from the root cause.  


My Mission

I am on a mission to help at-least 100,000 people who stammer to get rid of stammering and live a life wherein they can speak fearlessly.

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